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Upper Kelly Valves
image of lower kelly valves - Downhole Oil Tools, Inc.

The Upper Kelly Valve is manufactured with left handed connections to be used between the kelly and swivel.

The valve can be used to control blowout pressures by shutting off flow in the drill string at any time.

The Upper Kelly Valve can also be used as a lower kelly valve.

Kelly Valves are manufactured from AISI 4140/4145 alloy steel and can be trimmed to standard or H2S.

The Kelly Valves can be provided as one or two piece construction.

When ordering, please specify:

  • Upper or Lower
  • Tool OD
  • Working Pressure: 5,000 / 10,000 / 15,000 PSI
  • One piece or two piece construction
  • Tool connection size (ex. 6-5/8" API REG)
  • Standard or H2S Trim
  • Bore
  • Pressed or cast steel thread protectors