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image of kelly saver subs - Downhole Oil Tools, Inc.
The Kelly Saver Sub is used to extend the life of the kelly by taking the connection wear each time it is made up to a drill stem component.

The saver sub connection is sacrificed because it can be easily repaired or inexpensively replaced.

The Kelly Saver Sub can be equipped with a rubber or brass protector to reduce BOP equipment and casing wear resulting from contact damage with the lower kelly connection.

Kelly Saver Subs are manufactured from 4145M or 4140HT material grades.

When ordering, please specify:

  • Overall length; 36”, 42” or 48”
  • Largest diameter
  • Bore ID
  • Size and type of upper and lower connections, indicating pin or box
  • Cast or pressed-steel thread protectors
  • For Kelly Saver Subs with protectors, add: casing OD and weight to properly size the casing protector