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When green tubes enter the facility they are inspected for any defects to ensure quality.

All tool joints are manufactured using state of the art CNC machines, guaranteeing accuracy and quality. Drill Pipe International, LLC thoroughly inspects all bars and forgings from which tool joints will be manufactured. Tool joints are produced using 4137M material and heat treated to industry standards before threading. All threading is done in accordance with industry standards spec 7. Hard banding is available upon customer request. Drill Pipe International has the capacity to meet the needs of any customer.


Once green tubes enter the facility they are upset in accordance with customer specifications. Drill Pipe International, LLC offers an external upset (EU), internal upset (IU), and an internal-external upset (IEU). Our group 1 and 3 upsets utilize a geometry which minimizes stress concentration. Tool joint assembly is designed to improve the transition from the cross section of the pipe to the tool joint weld neck. Our internal (IU) and internal-external (IEU) upsets are designed to have a longer internal upset taper (miu) than the industry standards 5D requirements. After upsetting, QC supervisors inspect the pipe to guarantee upset dimensions and quality.

Heat Treating

By maintaining its own heat treating furnace, Drill Pipe International, LLC controls all areas within the manufacturing process. Drill Pipe International, LLC offers all industry standard 5D grades and also offers pipe suitable for sour services. All heat treatment is done in accordance with Drill Pipe International, LLC specifications. All mechanical testing is done to industry standard 5D requirements.

Inertia Welding

Tool joints and drill pipe are bonded utilizing inertia welding. These machines guarantee the most consistent and reliable weld available. All inner and outer weld rings are removed from the pipe, and then the weld zone of the drill pipe is quenched and tempered to achieve its proper physicals as required by industry standard Spec 7 SR1. After the welding process is complete, each piece of drill pipe is examined in a wet magnetic particle testing unit and ultrasonic tested by independent third party level 2 inspectors. Welds are also inspected for correct hardness (less than 37 H.R.C) and thickness. At this stage one last quality check is utilized to verify any visual defects. Once drill pipe passes these tests it is stamped to industry standard requirements and ready for finishing.

Non Destructive Testing

Full length tubes are inspected using ultrasonic inspection, while the upset ends are tested with a wet magnetic particle inspection. This inspection is carried out after the upsets are machined to the required dimensions. These tests guarantee that the drill pipe is free from defects.


Drill pipe is finished to customer specifications. Before external coating, zinc based thread compound is applied to all drill pipe threads. After the zinc compound is applied each drill pipe is fitted with standard thread protectors. Upon request drill pipe can be internally plastic coated. Once coated, drill pipe is ready for shipment.

When ordering, please specify:

  • Drill pipe OD

  • Nominal Weight

  • Pipe Grade

  • Range

  • Connection Type

  • Tool Joint OD

  • Tool Joint ID